Swiss Pocket Knife for Bitbucket

Enforce SSH key policy

Enforce your company’s SSH key policy.

  • Restrict SSH algorithms
  • Expire SSH keys after configurable time span

Edit last commit message

Edit the latest commit message in the head of each branch by using the stylo icon in the commit list.

  • Useful e.g. for typos or wrong JIRA keys
  • Available for commiter and repository admins

Completely delete files

Sometimes secret information (e.g. passwords or secret keys) is uploaded to Bitbucket. This plugins allows the complete deletion of these files. Use the button “Remove from all revisions” from the file view.

  • Delete files from all revisions in repository
  • Available for Bitbucket admins

Classical Git shell hooks

  • Use shell skripts as server side hooks.
  • Edit and enable per-repository pre-recieve hooks and post-commit hooks

Change author and committer information

  • Author and committer name
  • Author and committer e-mail adress

Download “Swiss Pocket Knife for Bitbucket” from Atlassian Marketplace.