PrintBot FAQ

Is it possible to print web pages?

PrintBot allows printing directly from the Android browser. Simply use “Print” or “Share/Print” (depending on your Android version).

Is it possible to print emails?

PrintBot allows printing directly from many email apps.

Are there any plans to support MS Office file types?

PrintBot allows printing from most office viewer apps.

How can I integrate PrintBot into my app?

For printing images, PDF or HTML files, you can call PrintBot directly via intent:

Intent intent = new Intent("com.zenofx.action.PRINT");
intent.setDataAndType(uriToPrint, "text/html");

Since API level 24, it’s not possible to send file:// URIs via Intent anymore (see FileUriExposedException). Of course, you can always use Android Kitkat printing features.

If you want to integrate PrintBot seamlessly into your app, we have a library version of PrintBot. Please ask!

How does it work? Are you really installing 6.000 printer drivers on my phone?

No, we aren’t. Your document is sent to our render server farm, together with information about your printer. Our server processes the document and sends back a version in the language of your printer. Your Android device (phone or tablet) sends this processed version to your printer via your local network. Of course the transfer is https encrypted and the documents are never stored on our servers (the processing is in memory).

Do you collect any personal information?

No, we don’t. Period.

Why isn’t PrintBot development financed by ads?

While nobody likes advertisment, we feel the quality of some ads on the Android platform is exceptionally bad. We don’t want to be associated with this kind of advertisment. But if you’re a manufacturer or a distributor of, say, replacement ink or other printer supplies, we could make an arrangement.

Can I in other ways support your develoment?

Please join our public beta channel on When a beta version becomes available, you’ll be noticed in the Google Play app.