ClassGuard for Android

The most important property of software developers is their knowledge. The source code of Android apps can easily be recovered from a apk file. This is fundamentally different from platforms like iOS. Code obfuscation is common on Android, but doesn’t solve the real problem.

ClassGuard for Android is a tool to prevent dex decompiling. Your dex archive is encrypted using AES encryption. The AES key is generated randomly every time you start the encryption tool. The dex file is decrypted transparently by a custom bootstrap activity. The main part of this bootstraper is written in C++ using the Android NDK to prevent decompiling and other tampering.

The eval version of ClassGuard for Android supports Android > 4.4 (Kitkat). Android Studio currently is supported for versions > 4.1 (August 2020).

All apps encrypted with this version version will expire after 30 days.

First Steps

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Costs are 299€ per encrypted app (identified by package key). Please request a quote or order online.