DynamicReport Variable Substitution

For migration from Dynamic Report 1.x, you have to add a jx:area and a jx:each comment to your template file. Please see our demo template and the Jxls documentation for an explanation.

The following variables are allowed:

Variable Substitution
${issue.key} Issue key
${issue.assigneeId} Assignee user id
${issue.assigneeDisplayName} Assignee full name
${issue.reporterId} Reporter user id
${issue.reporterDisplayName} Reporter full name
${issue.status} Status
${issue.resolution} Resolution
${issue.projectName} Project name
${issue.projectKey} Project key
${issue.environment} Environment
${issue.priority} Priority
${issue.summary} Summary
${issue.description} Description
${issue.affectedVersions} Affected versions as comma separated list
${issue.fixVersions} Fix versions as comma separated list
${issue.components} Components as comma separated list
${issue.votes} Number of votes
${issue.watches} Number of watches
${issue.originalEstimateHours} Original estimate in hours
${issue.originalEstimateMinutes} Original estimate in minutes
${issue.estimateHours} Estimate in hours
${issue.estimateMinutes} Estimate in minutes
${issue.customFieldValue(“Fieldname”)} Value of custom field “Fieldname”