About zenofx.com

zenofx.com offers security solutions for the Java Platform. Our team has more than 12 years of knowledge in Java programming, encryption technologies and the Java/C interface (JNI). We develop network solutions for the Android platform since 2009.

zenofx.com was named after the greek philosopher Zeno of Elea. The Zeno effect describes a quantum effect which is related to Zeno's famous arrow paradox.

About ClassGuard

The most important property of software developers is their knowledge. The source code of Java programs can easily be recovered from a delivered jar file. This is fundamentally different from languages like C.

classguardClassGuard is a tool to prevent Java decompiling. Your Java class files are encrypted using a 128Bit AES encryption. The AES key is generated randomly every time you start the encryption tool. The decryption is done transparently by a custom class loader. The main part of this class loader is written in C to prevent decompiling and other tampering.

The current version additionally contains a license manager for Java applications. The main part of the license manager is also written in C. Java class files are only decrypted if a valid license is found.

About Android Printing

PrintBot is a network printer driver for Android.printbot

  • Directly print from your Android device over your WIFI network. No need to install anything on your PC!
  • Supports more than 2500 printer models from all leading manufacturers
  • Supports printing over JetDirect, IPP and LPR protocol

LocalPrint is a local printing solution for Android.

  • Print directly from your Android device without using a cloud service!
  • Supports many current laser and inkjet printers
  • Supports printers shared by a Mac